keskiviikko 13. syyskuuta 2017

The colors of my world

 Colors mean a world to me. I love them all, and my favourite color changes time to time. My current favourite is turquoise and magneta - yes and payne´s grey. <3 So here you are. With this artjournal page I am in ArtJournalJourney

I used a lots of washi tape, girl is stamped. There is some acryllic paint, gesso and Inktense pencils in it. Hope you like it.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Its a fabulous journal spread, your colour choices look beautiful together.
    It is a lovely stamp you used for the lady and I did really like the words you added.
    They are wonderful colours that you have in your world today.

  2. Those colors really pop off the page. Smart choice to use the dark background. :) Erika

  3. Wow- this is AMAZING! Thank you for joining Art Journal Journey!


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