perjantai 4. joulukuuta 2015

MMMC#19: Silver and Cold

 I did find this new challange (for me) throuhgt Tarus blog. So here you are The Mixed Media Monthly Challange. # 19 asks for Silver and Gold. So I had to go and take them both in.
Silver you can find in Angels wings and dress and Gold in backround.
 This is an Art Journal pages: And text is something like In the grave of Love. It´s a name of one finnish song.
closeup -silver and gold

7 kommenttia:

  1. Oi kun on upea kuva! Kaunis hopeinen höyhenmekko!

  2. A stunning project, so beautifully done! Love the sparkle and texture on the angel, so dreamy! Thanks so much for adding it to our challenge at Mixed Media Monthly!

  3. Such a gorgeous art journal page!! The angel is fabulous. Thanks so much for playing at the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

  4. amazing journal spread! the details in each feather for the angel are stunning. Thank you so much for playing with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge! Happy New Year!



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