tiistai 26. maaliskuuta 2019

Try it on Tuesday: Say it with flowers

This Spring has been hard for me. I haven´t been able to do the work I love so much, but I am getting better and soon I am back with my work <3 It makes me happy.

Still I want to use Cactus as a flower of this challenge. Cactus is calming and beautiful, with very few colors. It says be strong, but careful. Remember to protect you self too.

I used only watercolors with it. :) Have a nice Thuesday and thank you for challenge

5 kommenttia:

  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow!
    Sending you hugs and arty time!
    Thank you very much for joining in over at Try It On Tuesday!

  2. I don't think cactus is a flower - in fact, I'm 99% sure it isn't and even Googled it to check, lol - but it's a beautiful painting. The greens are so beautiful and calming. That pot looks very realistic, too. You're amazingly talented :-) Gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Try it on Tuesday.
    Cath x

  3. Cath, I am sure you are right. I was wondering that my self too, but then .... I think it´s close enought. ;D Thank you for your compliment. I am just learning "observation" pased painting.

  4. Kaunis työ. Kiva kun toit sen mukaan Try it on Tuesday haasteeseen.
    Aurinkoista viikonloppua!


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