sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2017

Silence says it all (Journlal52, week #8)

 I love doing Artjournal and almost all my stuff is "artjournalish" kind. Like this picture made with watercolors and black & white pens.

I am trying to be playful and "hear" my ideas and take them in my work. It isn´t always easy. Like with this Lady and her pet. I couldn´t figure it out what kind of clothes she should have..... and then it pop in my mind. She is naked. And at first I reacted "no" to that. And a secound later - why not? So here she is bold and naked with her pet.

And you (or I) don´t have to like her.

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Kiitos kun jätit kommentin - piristää aina mieltä. Se julkaistaan, kun olen sen lukaissut. Yritän jäljittää katoavat kommentit.
Katoavista kommenteista en tiedä, mutta automaattikommentteja ropisee, joten sanavahvistus palaa "kehiin".